How to Make the Most of a Little Space (Room Tour)

4 Jul

My room is at the top of our 19th Century house. It has a sloping ceiling that mimics the roof, but the room itself is very small. Here are a few tips for making the most out of a small space:

First, set your priorities: how much space do you really need? A bedroom is for sleeping, which is why my ‘room’ is whatever space is left around my bed. I try not to work or write in my room, so its just a place to read, relax and, most importantly, snooze.

Clothes don’t just belong in a wardrobe: If I could change anything about my room, it would be the wardrobe. It’s from Ikea, and its so, so small. Put 3 or 4 coats in there, and there’s no room for hanging dresses. I’ve taking to hanging clothes in and around the wardrobe, and hanging scarves and hats off the mirror and door.


You’re going to clutter, so make it organised clutter: I have never understood people who can have nothing but furniture in a room. A place for everything…and all that, but who puts everything away immediately when they’ve finished with it? Crazy. Anyway, I like to artistically place things that I need and things I want to display on surfaces that would otherwise gather dust. N.B. by ‘artistically’, I mean placed at jaunty angles. Like so:

So on top of my bookcase I have a selection of handbags and boxes, and a few knick knacks from my childhood. Its pretty garish, which is why its usually tucked behind my door.

Here on my draws we have another assortment of useless junk: an old lampshade that was too pretty to throw out, some gift boxes, a corsage, bookends and 2 teapots. I have a thing for teapots.



For the long mantel at the back of the room, I have lined up pretty bags from boutiques and shops, as well as the photo album and box given to me on my 18th birthday.

My piece de resistance is my vanity/dressing table. I keep all my precious things on it – photos tucked into the mirror, and jewellery on the metal tree:These are my favourite pieces. L-R Earrings, Butler and Wilson; Blue Necklace, antique; Elephant Bracelet, antique; Necklace, vintage; Bead Bracelet, Lola Rose.

The Blue necklace was another gift for my 18th; its Victorian and its actually a watch pendant. You have to wind it up, so amazingly it still works.




One Response to “How to Make the Most of a Little Space (Room Tour)”

  1. Castle Fashion July 7, 2011 at 4:28 am #

    I’ve never bothered with interior design…not because I don’t love it! Just because I’ve never really lived anywhere for long enough to care. I hate feeling like home isn’t home though 😦 I guess I should try to make it a little cozier. Thanks for the tips 🙂

    Castle Fashion

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