Another Sunny Day, I Met You Up In The Garden.

3 Jul

-Eeek, cheesy lyric title. Listening to Belle & Sebastian. Its that kind of day-

Today might not be the longest or hottest day of the summer, but its certainly the happiest. The rents are gardening which means I get the whole day without being asked to clean anything (woohoo!) Yesterday I got offered an interview for an internship at a magazine I’m desperate to work for, and in less that a fortnight I’ll be backpacking through Asia.

Our house is pretty neutrally decorated in my mother’s signature understated style. However, she uses our garden and summer house as an outlet for her English-countryside kitsch. The result is pretty breath taking:




Bit of a picture fest, but it just looks so idyllic. I’ve been in the summer house, writing and reading When God was a Rabbit, which is completely worthy of all the hype. It’s really very good.

Outfit of the Day is my usual super casual slobbing around attire –

Shorts – Levi’s Vintage

Tee – H&M which i cut up a bit

Silk Scarf (on head) – Present from my sister

Shoes – Indian market sandals, customised with a bit of dog-chewing.




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