Winter Blues (and greys and navys)

1 Jul

I’m already excited for winter. I’m always excited for winter except when it is actually winter, and then I seem to be one of the five Brits that isn’t whinging about the cold. So, really quite late after fashion week, I’m looking forward.

I’ve never really cared about oncoming fashion trends, but I love, love, love new beauty releases. Bobbi Brown, whose main line I find unchanging and dull, always release a good palette or two. I will be snapping up this beauty:

(the Sand Palette)

A couple of MAC looks I spotted from the models that I thought were beautiful and wearable:

The Owens look on the left is my preferred for winter. While the Balmain neutrals may be more wearable, and most likely more flattering, but the bare face with the pill box red lip is so wintery and dramatic. I’ll most likely add a strong brow, but keep the eye very pale.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a real penchant for nail varnish. Its all about the quantity and not the quality. Chanel are the ringleaders for new and inventive colours (would anyone have considered painting their nails acid yellow before Spring ’11?) Unfortunately, this years colours are…well, look for yourself:

Petrol spillage chic… Luckily, the eyeshadow counterparts are absolutely beautiful.


Fashion forecast prediction for 2011/12: 1940’s and androgyny.

Hurrah!!! Ultra glamour, red lips, huge curls and cinched waists. And on the other end of the spectrum, the tailored trouser, wide collars and sharp tuxedo jackets.

Finally, a word on Galliano. He might be a tremendous prick, but to couple high fashion and ethics is a laughable endeavour. I’m sure I wouldn’t like him as a person, but…




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