Global Style

1 Jul

In two weeks, I venture off to do the Indochina loop – the backpacking route around South East asia that has become deeply trodden in the last decade. Packing has been a nightmare, to say the least. April – August is the monsoon season, which intensifies in the latter month, right slap bang in the middle of our trip. In addition to this,the cultural expectations could not be further from those of my outer London existence.  Modesty is vital. I am travelling with a man who is not my boyfriend, and I have bright red hair. Its probably going to be a nightmare.

On the bright side, I get to shop a lot in preparation. I’m trying to keep clothing to a minimum – I will undoubtably buy truck loads of market finds out there. I’m going for the ‘respectful traveller’ look, modest and neutral. Mikey and I have a month to get around the whole loop, so we’re missing out the student- centred points that require neon and body paint. So far, I’ve pooled the following clothes:

3 tanks and t-shirts, loose fitting and pale

2 pairs of shorts, denim and cotton

2 loose fitting cardigans

1 really sexy rain proof poncho

2 loose skirts

3 jersey dresses (inc 1 maxi)

1 garish beach/ full moon party dress

havianas, espadrilles, trainers

straw sun hat

linen trousers in tan and white

Hareem pants (of course)

various kaftans, bikinis and a pashmina for shoulder covering etc.

Any suggestions from people who have done this sort of trail would be highly appreciated!!!


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