Where in the World are the Boucles?!?!

25 Jun

I want a boucle jacket, but the universe is against me having one.

Like any epic odyssey, my search for the vintage box jacket is one of many twists and turns.

Episode 1: The Topshop mirage.

So pretty. Those scamps at Toppers didn’t put it in there stores though, except maybe in the flagship, but I’d rather walk through the gates of hell than in there. Anyway, I wanted to try it on, and it annoyed me that they were trying to prevent me from doing that.

Episode 2: Notting Hill Shame

The same day found my ball dress, I found a really awesome vintage emporium. It was June and the 6″7 guy working there was wearing a deerstalker, for one thing. Up on the highest rail (always a bad sign, you fool!) was the most perfect Chanel-esque suit from the 50s. Drool. Deerstalker makes a big show of putting it on me, showing me how well it fits etc, before casually informing me of it £600 price tag. I styled it out though, really cool, shrugging it off me like it was on fire, sweating and mumbling until I got out of there.

Episode 3: Victory?

I love Whistles. I pretend to be all vintage and off the wall but Whistles makes me froth at the mouth. I think it’s its ‘proper big girl’ appeal. I feel like wearing Whistles makes you an adult; that if you wear their nice tailored things, no one will suspect you’re wearing days of the week pants circa 2003.

Anyway, the mother and I were in the South Molten street shop, and they had a cable knit version of the style seen above. A brilliant idea in principle.

But no, Whistles, NO. Bad. Its even making this waif like thing look lumpy (or maybe thats the lipstick). I am rounded at the best of times, but this cardigan made me practically spherical.

Beaten and bruised, I have emerged from this saga angry and deflated.

Then the mother chimes up that I could borrow hers.

Sorry, What?

Oh, and its Chanel. Like actual Chanel, not deerstalker vintage shop imitation Chanel.

Shame its so pink and disgusting really.


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