More Things that are Pretty…

21 Jun

I’ve fallen in love a bit with vintage wedding dresses. First I wanted to wear one to my University summer ball, but ended up wearing a dress I found at Portobello. It looks exactly like it used to be a wedding dress. Incidentally, it turned up four days later in Grazia:

My Dress [I’m the one on the left, unfortunately, although Fliss (right) definitely had a similar vibe] and Grazia’s high street version next to it :



I wore the dress with my mum’s lulu guinness ‘lips’ clutch in raspberry pink and my big stompy Kat Maconie booties. They make me feel like i have hooves, but they’re works of art.

Anyway, before I found the above dress at Notting Hill market, I was looking all over for vintage wedding dresses. This one is by We Love to Boogie Vintage ( They sell pretty quickly, but they’re great value for what they are. My undoubtable favourite thing about them is that under the ‘condition’ tag they all say “worn once”. Gorgeous.





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