Today it is Raining.

5 Jun


n. [Brit. wallesia] a condition characterized by scanning faces in a crowd looking for a specific person who would have no reason to be there, which is your brain’s way of checking to see whether they’re still in your life, subconsciously patting its emotional pockets before it leaves for the day.



The rain always makes me wish I had a better array of umbrellas. It would be romantic to have a distinctive umbrella that stood out in the dreariness, in a how i met your mother sort of way.

Its especially sad because yesterday was the village summer fete, which looked like this:

My mother ran a Pimms stall (above, you can just see her behind the table). She’s all about reclaiming the union jack in a non-BNP sort of way. 

I wore a cream sundress from Topshop. Conceitedly, I try to avoid wearing clothes people have seen before, but in a village where the average age is still comfortably pension worthy, I wasn’t that bothered. I was dying to wear it with my new red shoes, but having fallen spectacularly in another pair of heels earlier this week, I stuck with the espadrilles. Nothing worse than tripping over nothing and humiliating yourself, except doing it into a pile of horse shit, which would have been inevitable at aforementioned event.

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